Below you find find a line by line guide of what to fill in on the application form.

 How to complete the Application Form - and information required.

Before you begin you will want to gather some items we will will need to confirm your eligibility to receive Christmas Cheer. Approx 95% of people who apply for Christmas Cheer are successful so don’t worry too much, if you are here and completing this form you likely are in the right place and we look forward to helping you. 

How to get help if you need it:

  1. Follow this guide - Quickest route.

  2. Email (There will be a slight delay in getting back to you)

  3. Call 705-730-0449 - press “Option 1”. This will take you to the applications department. Please note, this is an extremely busy line during November and Early December and there will be a delay in getting back to you,. 

If in doubt, complete everything you can and we’ll get back to you with questions. If the form is not complete it will cause a delay in the approval process.



The following information will be required to be uploaded during your completion of the form, it would be helpful to have this at hand prior to completing the form. 

Required Documents

฀Identification that has your current address or identification and current bills that reflect your current address 

Identification for your children (including report cards for teens 17-18) or custody documents 
Bank statements, income receipts and expense receipts

Please have a piece of identification (photo preferred):

Personal ID and proof of permanent residence

Proof of income and benefits (including Child Tax Credit)

Proof of expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.)

Proof of age and dependent children


฀Paystubs or direct deposit pay summaries

Bank statement/book showing the direct deposit of your pay cheque

 Bank statement showing the direct deposit of your Child Tax Credit

Proof of any other support (child support, boarders, etc.)

Monthly Expenses

Housing – rent receipts, lease agreements or mortgage documents and property tax information

Utilities – gas bill and hydro bills

Transportation – bus passes or car payment and insurance receipts

Work expenses/receipts – daycare, tools or supplies that you must purchase to work (e.g. safety boots), union dues deducted from your pay cheque, etc.

Other – receipts for child support payments, pharmacy receipts for ongoing, regular maintenance costs (i.e. out of pocket expenses for monthly medications such as diabetes supplies or any medication that is not or only partially covered by a health plan)

The form:

Form Field Title

Response Required

Primary Applicant Full Name 

First_Name & Last_Name

Enter the Primary Applicants first and last name. This person will be the main contact person for this application 

Do you have a second applicant?

Answer Yes or No. If you answer ‘yes’ then a new box will appear.

Second Applicant Full Name

First+Name & Last_Name

This would be the second applicant, most likely a spouse, partner or significant other who lives at the same municipal address.

Other Adults Living in the Home

Please add all other adults who live in the home. We need their Full Name AND their relationship to the Primary Applicant. List each person one under the other.


Enter your cell phone number here with area code. We will send you a text message when we receive your application and also when your application is approved. Please ensure this cell number is accurate.

Email - please note this is VERY important

Enter your email address. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK WHAT YOU ENTER, we will be sending your confirmation to your email and each year about 10% of our applications have the wrong email address, please check you have entered this correctly. 


Address: E.G. 123 Any Street

Unit #: For a condo what is the Unit number

City: E.G. Barrie

Provence: E.G Ontario

Postal Code: E.G. L4N 9P6

Child Information

Children are aged 0-17 INCLUSIVE. Cick the green “+Add New” button for each child aged between 1 month and 17 years and 11 months.

We need to know the First_Name and Last_Name of each child and also the Childs age and Gender. N.B. With respect to Gender we pack bags with an emphasis on ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’, however, we leave it up to you to decide what gender your child would prefer. Please indicate here whether your child would prefer a boy or girl orientated bag of toys. Also Note that we pack toys for children up to age 10. Children ages 11-18 will receive a gift card. If you have a child that is between the ages of 18-19 and still in full time education please indicate on the form your childs age. N.B With respect to age. If your child needs a bag of toys of a different age than their biological age please indicate on the form the age group that would suit your child best, this may not be their actual age. 

If you have any extra information with regard to children or there is something you would like us to know please use the “anything else you would like us to know box towards the bottom of this form.”

How many children have you applied for

In this box add up the total number of children that you have applied for in the “Child Information” boxes above. 

Including children, total number of people you have applied for?

Add up the total number of people you have applied for. This includes the Primary Applicant, Secondary Applicant, all Children AND any other adult in the home that is being considered for help.

Would you like a Protein?

Christmas Cheer attempts to provide a protein to our recipients. Most years this will be a Turkey. Occasionally due to supply or cost restraints we will replace a Turkey with a Ham. Since we need to provide a Protein to those that need it, if you would prefer not to receive a Protein please answer ‘No’ here. The default answer is “Yes”.

Your preferred pick up location

We have three distribution points, please select the one that makes the most sense for you. You will be expected to pick up from a specific location, we do NOT deliver to home addresses, although in Barrie we do provide a courtesy ride home for those who do not have their own transport and do not have someone who can help them pick up their Cheer parcel. N.B. Our Barrie warehouse is not ideal for anyone on foot, and its a long way to the nearest bus/transit station. 

Do you have your own transport home?

You have three choices. 1. “Yes, I will come myself to pick up”. Plese note the boxes are heavy and we do NOT recommend you come on foot, its a long way around the warehouse and the transit stops are not close by. 2. I will need a Courtesy Car. Please note we do provide Courtesy cars for those who cannot arrange for a friend to pick them up, however, during peak times the wait can be long, sometimes upwards of an hour. 3. I will not be picking up myself and I have arranged for a friend to pick up for me. Please ensure that friend has ID on them and your confirmation number that will be sent when your application is approved. 

Name of person picking up.

N.B. This field appears only applies IF you selected choice #3 above and someone else is picking up your Cheer package. We need to know the First and Last name of the person you have nominated to pick up your Cheer. Please ensure they bring with them their ID and your Confirmation number that will be sent when your application is approved.

This Whole next section refers to Finances

This Whole next section refers to Finances

Finances - Please enter MONTHLY Income and Expense for the TOTAL household

We are looking for the Income and Expense for the WHOLE HOUSEHOLD TOTAL, so that means the Total of every adult listed as the Primary Applicant, Secondary Applicant and any Other Adult listed above as living in the home.

Employer Name Income

Enter the employer name of the Primary Applicant - you can leave this blank if you are not employed. If your primary source of income is a government agency like ODSP or Ontario Works, please enter it in here as "ODSP" etc. 

Work Income

The TOTAL income from all the adults in the household including the Primary and Secondary Applicants and any other adults living in the home.

OW, CPP, Personal Pension, CERB, Disability, etc Income

Enter here the TOTAL of any form of government assisted income including Ontario Works, CPP ODSP , Pension, CERB Etc. For every adult in the home

Child Tax Credit Income

Enter the TOTAL for all child Tax credit provided to the household

Other (support, boarders) Income

Enter the TOTAL of all other income within the household.

Work Expenses

These are expenses that are directly related to getting to and performing work that enables you to make an income. Include all work expenses for all Adults in the Household who are claiming help and listed above.

Utilities (Gas, Hydro, Water)

Total of all Utility bills for Gas, Hydro, Water, water heater rental.

Rent, Mortgage & Property Taxes

Total of your MONTHLY rental payments, or Mortgage Payments plus if you own your own home, the Monthly Property Taxes


Monthly Internet cost

Cell phone / Home phone costs

Your monthly cost for the cell phone and/or your home phone for the whole household including all adults listed above as requesting help


Monthly cost of any insurance policies that you have for the total of the household.

Other Expense

Any other regular monthly expense that you would like us to consider. 

Verifying your information:

We are required to verify the information that you are claiming in the financial section above. This requires you to upload or email to us the documents that support your income and expenses.

Please upload all documents you have listed above

How to upload:

Click in the spot labelled “File Upload”

When you have uploaded one file you can click on the Green +Add New button and another field will open for you to add another file. 

If you’re using a phone with a camera you can take a photo and upload directly into the application form or if you’re using a laptop you can upload .pdfs or .jpgs. If uploading is not an option please follow the following steps.

  1. Complete the rest of this application and submit the form to us. 

  2. After you have sent the form you will receive an email or a text message that will contain an ID Number. 

  3. Send an email to and in the subject line put your ID Number. Attach all the documentation to the email. This is a slower process than uploading into the application form and we will get back to you in a few days

If you cannot do this you may also drop off your documents in person at the Kozlov Mall on Bayfield Street from November 28th - December 1st or December 4th - December 6th.

Finishing up

We are now in the finishing up stage and the following refers to anything else we don’t yet know. 

Best time to contact you?

In case we need to contact you we would like to do so at a time that makes sense for you and we know that there is a greater likelihood we will be able to reach you. Please select one of the 4 choices using the drop down box. The choices are Morning, Afternoon, Eve/Weekends or Anytime. 

Is there anything else that you would like us to know?

This is a free format text box where you can provide us any other information that you feel we should know.